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  • “We liaised closely with the design team at Andover to get the specification just right. Our two companies have worked together over many years and we know from first-hand experience that Andover’s products are built to last.”

    Robert Ford, Transport Manager at Allelys Heavy Haulage
  • “Andover Trailers are the true experts in their field. The service we have received has been excellent and we won’t hesitate to work with the team again, when we’re next looking to update our fleet.”

    Tom Prichard, Owner, Tom Prichard Contracting
  • “Andover has provided us with a trailer which can not only be depended on, but is also lighter than competitor models. This allows us to move more equipment with every trip, making our fleet more productive.”

    Shaun Burton, Managing Director at Shaun Burton Transport
  • “Andover took the time to design a trailer that fulfils all requirements. It’s so refreshing, compared to trailer manufacturers which simply offer a set number of different specifications and say, ‘is that any good to you?’”.

    Tim Martin, Managing Director at Mar-Train
  • “The icing on the cake has been the fuel saving we’ve noticed over our existing trailers. The ramp design is saving us in the region of 1mpg every day. Over the course of a year that’s a significant advantage.”

    Ross Easton, Joint Managing Director at Lomond Plant Group
  • “We’ve been commissioning the team at Andover to build bespoke trailers for our fleet for the last two decades. They have retained our business as the equipment is reliable, durable and built entirely to meet the needs of our business.”

    John Coyle, Owner, Coyle Haulage


These are unprecedented times for our industry – and the UK as a whole. Everyone at Andover Trailers would like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers that as much as is possible, it is ‘business as usual’ for us.

We are, of course, strictly adhering to all Government advice on hygiene and working practices and are ready and willing to alter that approach in line with any changes in the future. We have taken all necessary precautions to protect our staff and any visitors to our facilities so that they feel safe, and have ensured that all staff are constantly updated with any new information as it becomes available. Everyone on site is acutely aware of the need for the highest hygiene standards.

As we all try to work our way though this testing time, we want to offer our support for anyone who has been affected by the Coronavirus.