Chappell’s take delivery of a Goldhofer MPA 5 semi-trailer with innovative MPA Axle Technology

Over a period of more than 40 years, Chappell’s of Stubbington has built up an outstanding reputation for the movement of heavy and abnormal loads. From its base in Shedfield in the south of England – right in the middle between the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth – the company offers transport services for a wide range of customers, from plant and equipment for the construction and demolition industries to agricultural and heavy marine equipment. In addition to the UK, the company also provides services from there to the whole of continental Europe.

Now Chappell’s has acquired their first vehicle from Goldhofer: an MPA five-axle semi-trailer with a permissible axle load of 12t at 80km/h or 15.6t at 20km/h, delivered by sole UK distributor Andover Trailers. According to Chappell’s Managing Director Mark Harris, the choice was made because of the patented MacPherson axle technology as further developed by Goldhofer, BPW, Neumeister and Heyd for heavy haulage. It offers a unique combination of low weight and mature functionality, and simple engineering and minimum maintenance – a mix that has met with a keen response from the industry.

The performance data for the semi-trailer, which comes with the MacPherson axle technology as standard, are correspondingly impressive: The 60° steering angle guarantees optimum manoeuvrability, and the 350mm suspension stroke (with minimum track difference) is the key to extremely long tyre life and a smooth ride on uneven ground. Thanks to the innovative axle technology, the MPA also retains full steerability at low loading heights (up to 780mm).

The semi-trailer is primarily being used to move heavy construction plant.