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Civil and ground engineering firm Forkers has taken delivery of an expertly engineered plant body and drawbar combination from Andover Trailers, helping to improve the efficiency of its heavy-duty drilling operations.

Forkers went to market looking for a manufacturer that could provide a workable solution for transporting various plant and equipment within legal length limits. After an extensive search, Andover Trailers was the only company able to design and build a product to fit the bill.

Dean Hudson, Plant Director at Forkers, says: “We wanted a truck and trailer combination that was capable of carrying a variety of plant, as well as the 20ft water containers we require for our drilling operations.

“We thought it was a tall order, but Andover tabled a design compact enough to fit within the length regulations, yet tough enough to carry the weight – something their competitors just could not match.”

The bespoke plant body, mounted to a new Scania R450 8×2 chassis, works alongside the Andover-built, tri-axle drawbar trailer which offers a payload of up to 18.6 tonnes. For optimum versatility, both the body and trailer can carry the water container, which can be unloaded from either using the in-built Fassi 36 tm crane.

For Forkers, it was Andover’s clever ramp technology that set the drawbar combination apart from the competition. The truck features a hydraulic beavertail with the company’s pioneering fold-forward ramps. These offer a flat load bed when the truck is in use without the trailer, while allowing for maximum deck space when coupled.

Andover’s specialist ramp design also means that the plant body can either be through-loaded via the trailer or, by positioning the drawbar at 90 degrees, can be loaded or unloaded without having to uncouple the two – an ingenious design feature unique to Andover Trailers that helps to dramatically reduce loading and unloading times.

Behind the truck, the trailer’s flip toe ramps provide a shallow loading angle for low ground clearance machines whilst keeping height to a minimum and reducing fuel consumption.

“The drawbar combination’s versatility is what really impressed us, particularly the variety of ways we can load and unload to both truck and trailer. It has saved us so much time and means the equipment we bring to site can just get to work, which obviously helps improve our operational efficiency,” adds Hudson.

Other features of the build include a removable fixed width working at height system on the truck and trailer – which is stowed on the truck body headboard when not in use; a six-tonne electric winch; a comprehensive load securing system, with removable twistlocks and a range of lashing points to accommodate Forker’s versatile load requirements.

The truck and drawbar combination represents the first time Forkers has specified a build from Andover Trailers and joins a seven-strong commercial vehicle fleet made up of a variety of different plant bodies. On the road five days a week, the company is looking to keep both truck and trailer in service for at least 10 years.

Based in West Bromwich, Forkers has more than 40 years’ experience in civil and ground engineering services, both within the public and private sectors.


For information on the heavy haulage and specialist transport solutions provided by Andover Trailers, contact Andover Trailers Ltd, Unit 75, Columbus Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5NP. Tel:  01264 358 944 or e-mail:   Website:

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Lanarkshire-based Reigart Contracts has taken delivery of a brand new 32-tonne plant body and tri-axle centre-balance drawbar trailer, custom built by the team at Andover Trailers to meet its exacting requirements. The delivery marks the latest Andover combination to see service with the Scottish demolition experts.

Reigart Contracts placed the order with Andover for a plant body with hydraulic beavertail, mounted to its latest Scania 8×2 rigid truck. As with the majority of Andover Trailers’ plant bodies, the deck height is a significant five inches lower than a regular plant body – this allows for lower ramp and beavertail approach angles, making loading and unloading machinery easier. The body has also been constructed with 2.5m long ramps, which enable through-loading directly from the drawbar trailer and without the need to decouple – making operations as efficient as possible.

The body’s comprehensive specification also includes a working at height system to ensure maximum safety for the driver when loading and unloading assets. There are also twistlocks positioned in the bodywork, giving Reigart Contracts the ability to carry ISO containers from one job site to another.

The rigid truck operates in tandem with a 6.1m drawbar trailer which also features twistlocks. The trailer has been built with SAF axles air-suspension, together with 2.7m long fold-forward ramps for maximum ease of loading.

Both sets of ramps have been engineered by Andover to fold-forward once loading or unloading is complete, helping to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics and fuel consumption on the move.

Both the bodywork and drawbar trailer are finished in the company’s distinctive blue and yellow livery.

Reigart Contacts is a long-time customer of Andover Trailers, operating step frames, plant bodies and drawbar trailers built by the Hampshire-based firm.


For information on the heavy haulage and specialist transport solutions provided by Andover Trailers, contact Andover Trailers Ltd, Unit 75, Columbus Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5NP. Tel:  01264 358 944 or e-mail:   Website:

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